Rememberance poppy scarf
rew poppy scarf bright red
Poppy scarf bright red
british made poppy scarves buttons

Poppy Scarf

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The Rew Red Poppy Scarf.

After request upon request for a “Poppy scarf”, we have decided to make a small run of limited edition poppy scarves.

Each poppy scarf is handmade and no two will be the same.

Our poppy scarves work on the same principle as all our other scarves no fuss no tying just button and go, eliminating the fuss and faffing of tying a scarf.

We will be donating £2.00 from each sale of our poppy scarves to the  Royal British Legion poppy appeal.

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R E W - Remember Every War 

remembrance day..... read why I’m so passionate about this  here