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R E W - Remembering every War-
So over last few years my dad has been visiting and researching the final moments of my Great Great Uncles -Albert Deakin and Charles Frederick Deakin, so incredibly brave such fascinating stories of war - for a mother to lose not one but both sons - for me this is incomprehensible.
Albert Deakin was a Machine gunner and was killed at the battle of Arras on the 3rd May 1917 with no known grave.
Charles Fredrick Deakin his brother was a tunneller in the 179th tunnelling company a former previous miner, Charles helped blew up The Lochnagar mine upon returning to safe ground was later killed again in Arras by a stray shell.
We have lots of memorabilia, letters written and even a cigarette case that saved Alberts life earlier on in the battle of Arras when a bullet ricochet off the case leaving the bullet mark. 
My dad is passionate about this as I am about fashion - so to help support our British hero’s - I’ll be donating £2.00 from every sale of the poppy scarf to the @royalbritishlegion 
My dad is so proud of me right now it makes my heart sing - I’m only a small business and all my products are made here in Great Britain - creating a new generation of poppy wearers

REW - Remembering every War - our poppy scarves like all of our products are made here in Great Britain the midlands to be precise.

Many many companies claim the British tag except country of origin is not Britain, they get away with this by claiming designed in GB or bringing the product in from overseas and adding a small component to claim made in Great Britain - I’m super proud that everything we do at Rew is 💯% made and sourced in the UK.

We do however use fabrics from European mills as unfortunately most fabric manufactures in the uk have closed down, but I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for British made fabrics.

Our poppy scarf was designed to create a new generation of poppy wearers.

It’s important we remember the sacrifices made during all of our wars.

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  • paula fogiel

    You don’t say what fabric it is made of ?
    The red poppy scarf

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