Rew|wards loyalty scheme

Welcome to our new REW|wards scheme.

Below we will endeavor, to explain how our new DOT rewards will work for you.
We believe that our product & customer service is second to none, this is a bold statement, but the loyalty of "you" our customers proves this.
Now we want to give a little back to "YOU".
We have been bashing our heads to create the perfect scenario in REWARDING you our loyal and longstanding customers.


We have done it !!!!!


Our Dot REW|ward program.


It is really simple to join, whilst many of you have purchased from us, some of you have yet to create and account, you will need this so we can award you your DOTS.

When you create an account with us, you will automatically be awarded 200 DOTS. (what are you waiting for ?) Hit the create account button top right of this page.

The benefits of creating an account are not just for you to collect your DOTS, but it will also save you time at the checkout.

Next, each time you make a purchase from us we will award you a dot for every pound you spend, however, we like to be transparent here at Rew and this will not include postage and tax.

If your purchase is returned ekkkkk I am sorry but we remove the dots too.

From time to time we will offer you double your point days.

We will also run a social sharing, now this is a great way to tell your friends about Rew, the simple click of a button will have you sharing in no time.

You will each get your own unique code and if your friends make a purchase from this link we will reward you with instant DOTS or immediate money off codes.

That's great, isn't it ??

But we haven't finished yet if you follow us on social media we will reward you with yet more DOTS.

1.Share on Facebook earn 50 DOTS
2.Share on Twitter earn 50 DOTS
3.Follow us on Instagram earn 50 DOTS
4.Follow us on Facebook earn 50 DOTS
5.Place an order 1 Rew DOT for every £1 spent.
6.Sign up 200 DOTS
7.Celebrate a birthday 200 DOTS
8.Refer a friend they get 10% off you receive a £5.00 voucher.

How do you redeem your DOTS?

You can redeem YOUR points by signing into your account and then clicking on the Rewards Program Launcher.

When your rewards program pop-up appears, you will need to do the following steps:

Click on the link that says 'See rewards you can earn'. This will take YOU to your Rewards page.
In the Rewards page, YOU will click 'Redeem' on the coupon that YOU would like to redeem.
Once YOU have redeemed the coupon, a section will appear with the coupon code that YOU will 'Copy' (an email will also be sent to YOU with the coupon code for safe-keeping).
YOU will use the coupon code that YOU have copied and paste this code during the checkout process.

We have a small demo below.



Just a few TC'S

Our DOTS are awarded for you to redeem against Rew products no cash alternative is available. 

If you are awarded DOTS and you redeem these against a new Rew, should the new Rew not be suitable providing you return your unwanted Rew within the 14 days not only will we refund the cash amount but your DOTS will be added back into your account.

If you have any questions about our DOTS loyalty scheme please fill out the contact us form below.