Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Would you like to win a "Rew" for your mom this mothers day ?
To enter just comment below why your mom is so special.

Closing date 10/03/2015
Keep your eyes peeled on all our social media for the announcment of the winner. 
We will gift wrap and send to the winning mom their new "Rew" in time for mothers day with your own personal message.
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  • Lucy parker

    I don’t get to actually hug my mom very often due to moving to Australia for my husbands work and to start a new and exciting life !It is hard only speaking via Skype and not actually being able to hug her this is especially hard mothers day, birthdays Christmas ect but my mom has always said always follow your dreams as you may regret not taking the opportunity when you have it ! So that’s what we did and she is right and yes Mothers are always right especially mine we love her so much xxxxx

  • monika s

    my mum is special because despite having full time job she managed to raise 6 of us and always found time for our school play, book reading and a chat if we were troubled, sometimes i think her day had more hours in it than normal |:)

  • Sharon Bell

    I don’t need to give a sob story etc to say why my mum is so special, she’s so special because she is my really is that simple :-)

  • Penelope Hannibal

    My Mum is truly selfless, despite being badly crippled with arthritis, having many problems & commitments she has been a massive support to me particularly since I developed a rare neuromuscular condition – when should really be trying to enjoy her retirement. She takes me to my many medical appointments as I’m unable to drive, takes care of my children & organises all their activities etc. Perhaps the one thing I am most grateful for though is she comes round each day & helps me to organise my paperwork (as I usually have double vision) whilst her partner works hard on the renovations & decorating of my home. This is so important to me since I was previously fit & an outdoor person (working with horses) but I am now forced to remain in my home almost all of the time. The not decorated, floored or furnished empty house was certainly not a home & the sheer frustration, helplessness & dismay of my situation was making me very depressed. My Mum has really gone out of her way to improve the situation for me & I honestly can say I couldn’t have coped without her. I finally feel like the house that was my dreadful prison is slowly beginning to become a home! My Mother has shown this kind of selflessness my whole life to many other people too; family, acquaintances, friends & neighbours, always neglecting her own needs in the process. She is so motivated, inspiring, determined & loving, which is why she is so special – I love her so much & cannot express how much I appreciate her! :)

  • Erica Price

    She looks after us so well

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