Why you should always take a scarf on holiday June 02 2017

Travelling abroad, why you should always take your Rew scarf.

It's that time of year, when some of us are lucky enough to be jetting off to foreign climes.
But why take your Rew scarf ?

I will tell you in this blog why my Rews always come along for the ride.

So, picture the scene you board the plane and find your seat, you spend the next few minutes shedding your layers, as the plane hots up whilst your awaiting take off.

Then "Boom", just as your in the "do not remove your seatbelt mode" flying upwards and onwards to your holiday destination, air cabin crew activate the cold icy blasts of AIR-CONDTIONING. I am not one for air-conditioning and the last thing I want to do, is get up and down like a jack in the box to my overhead locker to retrieve my warmer layers.

So I have found over the last few trips, keeping my Rew on is the best option for stopping the cold blast freezing my neck.

My current favourite is the Casta Blush, this scarf teams itself, so well with all of my "black wardrobe".

It does however look good worn with other colours such as creams, whites and greys and denim.

Next up is the dreaded burnt neck and chest and in my case prickly heat, I have suffered with this for as long as I care to remember despite taking all precautions  and as of yet found no cure.

Fortunately, I have a few various styles of Rew to choose from, my favourite holiday scarf is my SAFFY scarf.

This scarf was from a few seasons ago and fastens with an invisible magnet.I team this over my lightweight dresses or t-shirts and it looks fabulous plus hiding the prickly heat, on my neck and chest area without irritation.

Next up landing back in the UK, as we all know the weather in the uk is so unpredictable and I never arrived at the airport without wearing or at least having it buttoned around my handbag strap, you never know what you'll be met with when you step off the plane.


p.s I do also recommend taking a standard scarf as this can double up as a sarong or cover up in the heat, my favourite this season is the  "big square scarf"  from Zara if your going to be getting suncream all over it you do not want to be breaking the bank.

Find it here by clicking the image above