Raising money for TENOVUS cancer charity.

With one in seven women in the UK being diagnosed (CRUK), it’s likely we’ll all know someone affected by breast cancer in our lifetime. 

Whether it’s your gran, mam, aunt, sister, friend or colleague; we know you love your tribe. Seeing someone you love going through breast cancer is devastating. That’s why Tenovus Cancer Care has their back, and yours, every step of the way.

Over, 22 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer, I’d just given birth to my daughter Issy and her dad had just left us to say my world fell apart was an understatement.
Mom under went a lumpectomy and this was followed with the removal of her lymph nodes and a course of radio therapy - I’m happy to say 22 years later she’s still here, I know the worry of Cancer has never left her from pains in her neck to pains in her hip her natural reaction is “has it come back”.
I know my mom is convinced it’s tamoxifen that saved her, at the time of her treatment when tamoxifen was due to stop she insisted it carry on for another year.
This week as a small business I’m supporting the Tenovus charity whom are the pioneers in cancer research and the charity that developed this drug.

I’m a small business but doing my little bit is important so for every pink scarf or pink product sold this week I’ll be donating £2.00 from each sale. I will also be giving you free postage on any pink item purchased this week with code PINKPINK.

I have also donated, two Rew products for a REW raffle. 

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Here’s a snippet about Tenovus .

Where it all began
In 1943, Tenovus was founded by ten businessmen, D.R. Edwards, C.Harris, G. Brinn, C.E. Rolfe, D.Curitz, G.T. Addis, T.J.E. Price, H. Thomas, H.E. Gosling and T.Curitz. Initially, the charity funded a wide range of projects in the local area.
Original Ten Founders, D.R. Edwards, C.Harris, G. Brinn, C.E. Rolfe, D.Curitz, G.T. Addis, T.J.E. Price, H. Thomas, H.E. Gosling and T.Curitz
These ranged from building the Sunshine House for Blind Babies just outside Cardiff, to donating a washing machine to a widow with seven children who had lost an arm.

In the 1960s, Tenovus embarked on a project which was to influence our work for the next 40 years. We built the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research in Cardiff which carried out vital research into the causes of cancer.

Since then, we have concentrated our efforts on cancer and are now recognised for our pioneering work.

Our scientists developed the use of Tamoxifen, now used worldwide to treat breast cancer, and Zoladex which treats prostate cancer.


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I would love to hear from anyone whom has cancer has effected - I will be continuing to support various cancer charities throughout the year.


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