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As a small business owner and currently working from the office on my sofa whilst we relocate the business to Wales, you get tunnel vision.

So this is where you come in - I am trailing a new system of news letters along with a more responsive website. My head has been stuck in HTML coding all this week and I am losing site of what works v's pretty pictures 😂.

Firstly if you are reading this "BOOM" my new news letters are working you can let me know by leaving a comment below.

Secondly you have been chosen to be the first to view and use the website. I am hoping to do a soft launch with you next week so you can give me your honest opinion on the usability of the website. If you click any of the links in this news letter you will currently still go straight to the old site.

Thanks again and bare with me whilst I get this all up and running.


  • Jo Tonkin

    Received loud & clear!

  • Faye Copeman

    Received ok

  • Ali

    😃 looking forward to seeing the new site x

  • Andrea

    Excited. Yr new logo, website, news letter and not forgetting yr beautiful clothes and scarves xx

  • Sian Lewis

    Newsletter received!!

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