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Here at REW we get very excited when we get feedback from our customers about why they love REW products. So we thought - why not give them a chance to have a voice and tell the REW family about their styling tips and ways to wear.

Todays  blog has been written by Lisa Kowalski a working Mum of 2 who has a slight addiction to fashion, put together with photos from our latest fashion shoot. 



I just can’t get enough of them this summer!

From classic Breton to monochrome madness I love them all. That is why my Casta REW is my go to of the season. From haute couture to high street black and white, simple styling makes me feel a million dollars even when the days are dull and grey. The weather at the moment is so unpredictable one minute I’m boiling hot and stripping off, the next I’m piling the layers back on - and I’m not even at the age for hot flushes (well not just yet anyway)- thank goodness for the button and go design of a REW scarf. Can you imagine trying to tie such a beauty?? I’m picturing the morning mayhem of school rush and getting ready for work, feeling like a parrot shouting repeatedly at the kids to “hurry up!” and “get your shoes on!” in my lovely zingy orange work coat whilst going through the mental checklist of have I got everything?? There I would be standing at the mirror trying to follow the tying instructions – Step one: take lovely stripy fabric and drape around ones neck etc. etc. – only to have my concentration broken every 2 seconds by calls of “Mum do I need my PE kit today?” “Mum I can’t find my shoe!” “Honey what’s for dinner tonight?  Don’t forget my Mother’s popping round for dinner too!” aarrghhh the resultant scarf would not look anything like the actual gorgeousness that it is.

However, not only does the button and go simplicity of my REW eliminate morning fashion dramas, it allows me to transition from day to evening. With a super quick change of jacket into my slinky biker bomber, and donning my monochrome flatform sandals I’m all ready to go meet my girlfriends for an overdue catch up over dinner.

“Oh and darling – I’ll let you decide what you would like for dinner and say “Hi” to the mother-in-law – I did tell you two weeks ago I was out this evening!!”

Photo products credits:

Casta Monochrome Scarf -REW £55.00

Orange Double Cloth Frock Coat - Zara £49.99

Black Faux Leather Jacket - Zara £29.99

Black and White Reversible Tote Bag - Zara £19.99

LIDA Colour Block Flatform Wedge Sandal Black/White -Pied a Terre £120.00


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