Becoming a Grandma in your early forties.

Becoming a Ma-Ma

Being young (Grandma) was never something I had anticipated so, when my daughter, pregnant with her first child, asked what I would like to be called on its arrival, I admit this was the bolt that struck my chord and sent me spinning into denial, I now did not want to admit my age. " Granny, Grandma and nanny I have to confess gave me shudders of ageism.

All of the above references to becoming a Grandparent admittedly made me feel old!! I am only (44)

So having never conformed to what in society is deemed normal, I opted for Ma-Ma  which in reality is far easier for the poor little devil to pronounce. This new found made up word gave me a modern twist and still allowed me to feel my rightful age.

I am however very grateful to my daughter, whom has blessed me with a beautiful grandson and still at the age I can truly appreciate his total gorgeousness.

I am sure you all have some funny names that your darling grandchildren have called you over the years,whether intentional or by the mis-pronunciation and I would love to hear all about them. The funniest and most candid story on becoming a grandparent will win an lovely new Rew and feature here in our blog pages.

Come on all you lovely Glamorous Grannies get those pens to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

We would really love a snap shot of you, so please upload a small image or send us a photograph of yourself although we welcome all cute baby pictures too.

Online entries here

For all written applications click here

Closing date September 1st

Judges decision will be final no cash equivalent prize will be offered.

Our choice of scarf will depend upon the winner.


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  • Kathleen Rogan.

    Welcome to the world Baby Rudy. You are so beautiful and a very Lucky boy to have such a young Grandma . Just forget about MaMa. People just won’t believe that your a Grandmother or Granny as you look so young. Just think of all the compliments you will get.I wish I had been in my 40s, we were in our sixties.haha but still loving ourTwin Boys and our other Grandson as well.E very Blessing to you all for the future.

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