Un-lock the 'Black Friday' sale

Black Friday Sale

  • Now how do you un-lock the sale ?
  • It really is quite simple.
  • Choose a scarf from our website at full price min spend must be £40.00, hit the checkout button.


Time to get giddy with excitement, up pops our 1/2 price items.
From the drop down menu select your sale scarves.
Take your time viewing the pop-up menu, as this is the only time at the checkout process you will be shown the sale.
Add them to your bag.
Once you have filled your shopping bag you can now continue to the checkout.
Happy Shopping
Our T/C'S
This sale is really quite simple, it is a buy one get as many as you like from our selected discounted scarves at 1/2 price.Under no circumstances, will we honour orders that slip through our net having only purchased the sale item.
Thank you 

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