Interview with Rew.

Rew was recently interviewed by style chapel one of the online outlet's selling Rew and unusual gifts.

REW Rachel Wright, owner of REW that produces wonderfully unique button round collar scarves, talks to stylechapel about her work. What made you become a designer in the first place? I always wanted to wear the sort of clothes that I could never find on the high street. So I studied fashion and millinery many moons ago (I graduated in 1994) and since then have worked in retail. I truly think there’s a gap in the market for unique accessories.
Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career so far and why? My grandma – she could make anything.
What inspired you to design your products? My daughter Isobel. When she was just 3 (she’s now 14)I struggled to find a suitable scarf and wasn’t happy tying anything around her neck… so the button round collar was born. The original one was designed using scraps of fabric. 10 years later I decided to bite the bullet and launch the idea as a business.
How do you source the raw materials? I try and use local as much as possible and British manufacturers.
What is your design philosophy? To be one step ahead and keep enjoying what I do.
What is your ambition? To try and gain some celebrity following. 
If you could have designed one product that already exists, what would it be and why did you choose it? The Apple Mac… because I fell in love with mine.
Now let’s get a little personal… Worst personal fashion disaster? Going on blind date (the TV show) wearing a dress made from curtains!
Books on your bedside table? Bedtime stories… for my little boy.
An indulgence you couldn’t live without? Real butter.
Your favourite style icon? Jean Muir. 
The sort of place or situation where you find inspiration? Everyday situations. Everything gives me ideas. My head is always buzzing.
What do you love about stylechapel? The edgy innovative attitude to sourcing products that everyone wants but just can’t find. Why Rachel is in the chapel... REW is a very personal fashion label and it's Rachel's story and passion that make it truly unique and of course we love these scarves.

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