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This is no "ORDINARY" Scarf it's a Rew.

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  • Nadene

    My experience with REW was first class. Love my collar I get so many comments when I wear it. A timeless and effortless style. Thank you

  • kim scrivener
    I am a scarf lover owning lots but rew are anything but scarves I own two and love the simplicity of a button to put on I also love the compliments I receive when wearing them they can change a whole outfit it seconds and keep me lovely and warm at the same time I love my rews

  • Becki Stiles

    Its not just a scarf – it’s. REW!
    I’ve gone from looking like I’d had a fight with a bag of floppy snakes to achieving effortless glam with the touch of a button!

    I used to envy those ladies with the gift of throwing a scarf on and looking like they walked out a fashion shoot – now I have my REWs, I’m feeling fabulously “in the chic scarf” club

    Seriously – I love my REWs. Beautifully made, hand crafted in the UK, stylish and chic.

  • Amanda Hyatt

    statement piece to bring your outfit to life!

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