Meet David Spencer Rew's leather expert.

Rew's design team recently set about creating a soft version of the satchel.


A few years ago owner and founder of Rew clothing Rachel E Wright was introduced to David Spencer a highly skilled retired leather craftsman.

David and Rew decided to collaborate on creating the ultimate softest leather satchel/bag.



David's knowledge of the leather industry is second to non, having started his first apprenticeship back in 1960 at George Wards.

After spending many years working for other leather companies, David started his own leather sports wear company in the late 80's.

Specialising in sports shoes such as carting shoes, golfing and of course football boots. His bespoke handmade items were truly sought after, with his customers travelling great distances to be fitted.

David sold his business back in 2010 and like all creatives could not just settle into retirement.

David has been hands on here at Rew and has advised us on many levels, with our leather projects, also making the leather toggles which was a key feature in the commisoned ESTÈE LAUDER project.


We are also pleased to announce our bespoke bag service .

Why not choose your own colours ?

See our multi bag below.

Please be aware during our busy period it may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

We do however aim to dispatch within 5 -10 working days

If you would like to order your own bespoke made bag please click here

We are on hand to help you with the design process if you would like more ideas why not call us on T:01827-58006








  • ian holt

    Please advise price of pink bag. Many thanks
    Ian Holt

  • Barbara Cropper

    Love!! the leather bags, what beautiful colours, what price are they?

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