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We launched our Rew writing competition back in November, we've had so much fun here at Rew HQ  reading all of your wondrous stories.


Now it's your chance to have a read through our winners stories.


Our overall winner is 

Marianne Grime


I suppose it all began when I reached 60 – still can’t believe I can be that old – I mean I still feel as if I am in my 20’s. Well anyway, up until then I dressed pretty up-to-date but not particularly eye-catching. Then – I heard about an American photographer who had been taking photographs of older women in the street who definitely had ‘style’, no matter what their age, and who were celebrating the fact that they could wear what they wanted. They looked like ‘fun’ people who dressed in fun colours and looked like they loved ‘life’. So I thought – I can do that – and who wants to wear navy blue anyway? And the colour ‘porridge’ – what does that do for your skin colour? So it began – this chrysalis turned into a bright, colourful butterfly. First step – coloured tights – which colour? Oh, just buy 6 pairs, all different colours! Then I bought my first REW collar – in a local shop. They had sold most of their stock, but there was one mustard one. And what do you know? I had mustard tights to go with it! First time I went out it was rather difficult to get used to people staring – well, ladies of my age didn’t wear coloured tights – especially not in my little village. Someone said ‘you’re so brave’. I could have punched her! Then after that, it was easy. Pink tights with black spots always makes people smile, and of course a pink REW finishes the outfit off! So three years on, I feel younger than ever. My friends are quite used to me now and when I dress to go out with my husband he looks down at my legs before he looks at my face! Some husbands wouldn’t like the attention my legs get (!) but he just carries on and is quite used to it. I feel more confident now than I did when I was in my 40’s and 50’s. I wish I could convince other older ladies to ‘just go for it’ – the streets would be more colourful if we all did it!



Our runners up are as follows 

Blissfully Oblivious
By Amy Photiou

Wins ….. Dogtooth scarf

I am both afraid and ashamed to say that my sad style story is not as old as I would like but is really rather recent having occurred during the month of June, 2008 whilst I enjoyed a beach holiday with my sister on the Greek island of Rhodes.

The sun blazed (frazzling my inner fashionista, if there ever was one) and I remember feeling content; single and quietly curious yet positive about the future. In hindsight, we were not your typical twenty-somethings on vacation but more like two old ladies seeking reliable room service and early nights. Apart from one or two eventful exceptions (a boat trip to Lindos and dinner in the old town), every day was the same; we ate an abundant breakfast before plopping ourselves poolside where we remained until midday when we would emerge for a long, lazy lunch in the shade before going back for more tanning and a slow swim. I know it sounds dreadfully dull, but it was sunny escapism we were after and we did it in a deliciously dozy way. (Maybe you had to be there.)

Anyway, I remember toward the end of the week how my skin began to feel so very dry - all the sunbathing - and when I look at this photograph I realise that my brain had also become somewhat sun-damaged, causing me to create quite a queer style for myself with white leggings, plastic shoes and possibly too much pink. See how the wind blows my hair? Look closer and you will see that yes, that is a lime green, mock-croc handbag.

Worse still, on further reflection, I realise that I cannot blame the sunshine for my time of terrible taste. Did I not pack the offensive items (very probably amongst others) prior to the holiday, believing them to be a set of suitable summer clothes? Yes, I did. I chose those shiny sandals and purchased that strange skirt. It was me and only me that squeezed myself shamelessly into that t-shirt that was too tight.

It is therefore evident that my penchant for unpleasant pieces began long before I baked my brain in the Greek sun. I would like to take this opportunity to openly admit my crime, my crude-couture. I am guilty!

You may be wondering how on earth my sister allowed me to even consider leaving the hotel room looking like some kind of human marshmallow. Did she not dial 0 immediately and cry out to the concierge for the fashion police? She had, after all, just witnessed me posing for photographs on the balcony, watched how with blissful oblivion I had paraded my apparent Barbie-doll enthusiasm for all to see?

Naturally, I was wondering the same, but then you see I found the pictures of her holiday outfits and well, let's just say that's another story...

Natalie Mahon….

Wins …. Tartan scarf 

I first saw Rew in Hebden Bridge. In a little shop on a corner. Now like most girls, women, I have a lot of clothes. And shoes. And bags. Probably too much. I constantly look on line, in magazines, trying to use things I have to create looks similar to those that are on trend. Since having my baby 6 months ago, I guess my extra money now goes on things for her, rather than me, so even more so than ever I am trying to use pieces I already have to keep me feeling like a yummy mummy and on trend, maybe adding just a few statement pieces each season. Most things I see on TV, in online or in magazines are often like that which may have been just a year or two ago. At the moment my rule is a hand bag a week. Got to rotate and use them ladies!! Why was a keeping a nice Marc Jacobs for a rainy day?

But back to Hebden Bridge. I walked past this shop. It was a rainy cold September afternoon. And the scarf I saw got me - straight away. I had never seen anything like it and I had to have it. It wasn't something I had seen before or something I could recycle from the back of the cupboard; it was fresh, independent and on trend but also practical. It would keep me warm and was made of a lovely natural fabric (none of this synthetic rubbish). It's my birthday soon, and because I put my gorgeous Lily Mae first I didn't buy it that day, but my husband has the link and the picture and I think the birthday fairies might be sending it my way in a few weeks! Can't wait to wear it and looking forward to telling people where it's from!




Samantha Thompson

My (small) fashion triumph


Emily scarf 

It must have been late summer as usual when the high-street brought out their first collection of winter coats. As I walked through the store on one particular shopping trip, a peach-pink textured wool coat caught my eye, and I made a bee-line for it. I love winter fashion, and this was love at first sight. ‘That’s the coat’, I thought to myself, already planning the traditional yearly purchase, but it was way too early to spend that much money on something I couldn’t wear for months. (I also spared a thought for my poor coat stand that can barely stay upright with the amount I’ve piled on it over the years). I made a mental note as I left the store, casting a backwards glance as I walked away.

As the weeks went by I found myself looking out for that coat on every shopping trip, but to no avail. In the meantime, shops were filled with more and more winter-wear, but, my heart was clearly set on the one I’d seen months earlier, and nothing else would do.

I accepted defeat, but determined to have something new this season, went on the hunt for second best, and, as I stepped into a different branch of the store, spotted a sale rail out of the corner of my eye. A hint of peach poked out amongst the muddle of clothes on the messy rails. ‘It can’t be….can it?’ I thought, as I walked over to the sale section. Even if it was ‘the one’ there’s no way it would be my size. I cautiously lifted the tag from the inside. It was fate! I hurriedly pulled it on, although at this point I couldn’t care less about how it actually looked, I was having it regardless! The coat, in my size, with 30% off! It was meant to be! I couldn’t help but grin to myself as I paid the cashier (and most of the way home). I felt like I’d achieved the impossible, it was a real triumph, not only because I’d found what I’d been looking for, but also because it looked just as great on as it had done in the shop (and in my imagination for the last few months).

With a wardrobe that consists mostly of black, grey or navy, my beautiful new coat adds a splash of springtime soft apricot to my winter look, enough to brighten up even the most miserable December day.

I’ve received so many compliments that I can’t help but feel like I’ve stepped straight out of Vogue when I wear it. It’s strange how something as simple as a new coat can be a real confidence boost, and I’ve definitely learnt the value of buying quality over quantity. I suspect this coat will be a staple of my wardrobe for a few years yet, and I’m almost all set for the 2014/15 winter season. A new scarf would complete the look nicely…





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