Estèe Lauder commission Rew scarves.

Rew Clothing Commissioned By ESTÈE LAUDER

This was an exciting project to undertake for global brand ESTÈE LAUDER.
We were commissioned to design a range of men's and women's scarves to give as gifts.
How it started.
Head of education at Estèe Lauder and Tom Ford beauty spotted a "Rew".
What happened next.
We was approached by Estèe Lauder and given a brief.
The design process began and we sourced company colours using our local fabric manufactures and in turn commissioned our own shades and prints.
Upon approval of our designs the manufacturing process began.
All of the ESTÈE LAUDER products stayed in house with our highly trained team of seamstresses.
We sourced a local company to manufacture our boxes and labels which gave us a great head start on lead times.



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  • Ruth Bolter

    Just received my first scarf it s red trimmed with black.sensational

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