Rew's Pop Up at the Bullring Birmingham

Thanks to Start up Britain  and Pop up Britain , Rew was given a golden opportunity to Pop up in one of the UK'S largest shopping centres.

With the bank holiday over, it was time once again to make stock lists…... and load all of our lovely Rew's for the next adventure.

Location: Bullring Birmingham middle floor next to Selfridges.

Arriving and unloading was a swift and slightly less painful experience than we had anticipated, all thanks to "Katie" from start up Britain.

Midday the Pop up was open, with a lower footfall in Birmingham than usual. However customers still popped in for a gander to see what it was all about.

Our first week was spent with the lovely Aymi from Ayms designs, Lara from Gymluxe, Jess from Jeetly and last but not least "I am miss Macaroon" who kept our sugar levels up.

Day 2 was a huge success with customers flooding through the door, after Pop Up Britain was featured on the T.V.

We had no preconceived ideas how this adventure would turn out as this was the first time we had tried anything like a pop-up but so far so good.

For me the "POP-UP" was about engaging face to face with customers old and new , which is something I personally miss when spending so much time in the studio.

With the launch of our new range coming very soon, we also wanted to gain some feedback.

We met the most amazing customers and made new friends along the way, the feedback to our existing designs was immense with our Francoise collar scarf being our best seller of the week.

The soft launch to our new conceptual designs was a huge hit too, with fashion blogger Ruth Emmerson popping in to view our new ranges.

Ruth was so excited by the range she featured our scarves in her fortnightly write up with the Tamworth Herald

Ruth's style tips can be found at SheWorechic

With seven, twelve hour days done, we were invited to stay another week!!!!!

So we jumped at it… 


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