Launching Rew

How a simple idea turned into a business

Rew began many years ago after a flash of inspiration in the school playground.

Back in 2001 owner and founder Rachel Emma Wright witnessed a small child tug on a scarf whilst innocently playing run and tag with their friends.

This left a nasty burn mark and a rather upset child.

Un-happy tying a scarf around her daughters neck, Rachel set about designing a simple button around collar.

Fast Forward 10 years….

It all started with a simple idea – design fresh high-quality unique items. I found myself brainstorming about launching my own brand centred around making wearable accessories for all ages. I did extensive market research, developed my idea into women's wear and created what we now know as a Rew. What started as an outlet for my passion and entrepreneurial experiment quickly grew into much more than just selling a few scarves.

This has been achieved single handed with no financial backing just pure passion and determination to succeed in an ever competitive world.

Keeping it British

Passionate about British Manufacture I set about building relationships with local Manufacturers.

We are very fortunate to have some great Manufacturers very close by this is a huge plus when working in season with tight time scales.

No formal business plan

I launched Rew with no formal business plan, in fact very little business skills.

I have relied on google and advise from friends and family on a multitude of problematic issues which arise when launching your own business.

I have found the best way to learn is by doing…...

and the journey continues here


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