Rew - Fabric Barrier Mask
fabric barrier mask
fabric face mask
Rew - Fabric Barrier Mask
Rew - Fabric Barrier Mask
Rew - Fabric Barrier Mask

Rew - Fabric Barrier Mask

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Looking for fabric face masks 

These will not stop you catching or transmitting COVID19 -

These have been designed as a barrier to stop you touching your face -
These are designed for short use and it is not advised they are worn all day long.
If out walking fresh air is by far better providing you are not in a crowded place.

They have been double lined with non woven fabrics and bagged out - this style is elastic over the ears- 
  • Must be washed daily
  • Machine washable
  • Cotton and poly mixed
  • Non Woven Inner

As much as I’d like to give these away -  I’ve made the decision to charge a nominal fee and give FREE SHIPPING -
Each Style will have a different price depending on the fabric.
If you would like to order more than 20 please contact me direct the email is below, or click here
We are now selling the multi pack which has 5 assorted masks in.

I will release the tie designs later this week.

Delivery between 2-3 days.

Like the pattern for free ?

Email me.