Abby Acid Green - Unusual Tassel Necklace
Abby Acid Green - Unusual Tassel Necklace

Abby Acid Green - Unusual Tassel Necklace

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Look no further than the Abby Acid Green necklace for a unique accessory to add some flair to any outfit! This jersey tassel necklace is sure to give an unusual edge to any look, taking your style game to a whole new level! Who said looking good can't be fun?

Adjustable, stylish tassel necklaces.

If you have been looking for an alternative to the Rew scarf during summer months, then these new editions fit the criteria.

Here at Rew we are passionate about women in business and we are proud to be official stockists of [The colourful edit] .... Laurens natural flare for colour is a perfect match for Rew.

Just like our signature scarf these necklaces are "really easy to wear" a simple wrapped knot at the back of the necklace allows you to alter the length making this a truly versatile accessory.

A staple investment to add a pop of colour or to give a tonal look to your existing wardrobe.

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  • Designed by a Colour Stylist
  • Handmade
  • Material; Recycled Cotton - helping fashion become circular.

Stylish accessories for women of all ages.